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    General Information

While the College Board used to argue that there was no way to prepare for standardized tests, not only do they admit that such preparation can make a difference, but they have begun offering their own test prep courses. Thus, any student who does not do some type of preparation is going to be at a disadvantage. The type of preparation which makes the most sense for each student really depends on his/her personality and work habits--social students may do better taking a class with their friends, extremely busy students may find one-on-one tutoring to be the most time efficient, extremely motivated students may be able to do test prep on their own with a workbook and a DVD.  Whatever method of preparation you choose, it will be most effective if it takes place immediately before the test and involves a fair amount of practice under test-like conditions.

All Juniors should take the PSAT in October of the Junior year. In addition, many juniors will take the ACT in December (request test booklet back), February, April and/or SAT in January, March or May. Students intending to apply to the most selective colleges should also take the SAT Subject Tests usually in May or June. See for a list of requirements by school.

    Individual Tutoring
   Self Study
  • Getting into the ACT (Harcourt Brace and Company)
  • The Real ACT Prep Guide (Thompson/Peterson’s)
  • Official SAT Study Guide: For the New SAT (College Board)
  • Real SAT IIs (College Board)

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